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Ordway Jabs at Gresh, Zolak Feels Served

Andy Gresh and Scott Zolak Fired Back At Ordway

Glenn Ordway and Michael Holley acted like members of the Patriots secondary – no chemistry & profound unfamiliarity – for the better part of 6 months. Now the duo is congealing at the right time. Ordway feels like Angela Bassett in How Stella Got Her Groove Back, and is joining in on calling out Andy Gresh…


Andy Gresh didn’t get the magnitude of the Penn State scandal. He was either slow to understand the ramifications of the accusations or, even worse, playing contrarian.

Either way, Dan Shaughnessy gave Gresh forewarning on his specious off-base claim that recently dismissed Penn State coach, Joe Paterno, “Did what he was supposed to do.”

Gresh perpetuated the notion. And look, I’ll concede, I do my fair-share of Gresh-bashing. When I castigate any media member, part of me feels bad. But with Gresh the adverse feeling settles in as I type. I feel like I’m doing everyone a favor, and most consumers agree with my thoughts.

Anyway, “The Big Show” has done well with their wall-to-wall analysis of this Penn State ordeal. On Monday, Glenn Ordway mentioned something to the effect of some media members having “blinders” on in the matter and referenced the “midday host at the other station.”

Personally, I think Ordway’s giving WAYYYY too much credit to Gresh. I don’t think he was to close to the situation or had “blinders” on. I think he’s a braggart who picked the wrong subject to try to play devil’s advocate on.

I digress.

The next day Scott Zolak – who was mum last week while Gresh was talking himself into trouble – angrily quipped how he and his co-host were being discredited because they were from Pennsylvania. Shank, who was on the air with the duo, inquired about Zo’s angst to which Gresh emphatically said, “The Pringles guy across the street is trying to CUT US DOWN.”

Two quick thoughts:

1.) Why is Zolak so fired up now? Did he not hear what crap Gresh was spewing last week? A small blurb on Paterno’s resume? Technically he did the right thing? Lame it took mention from their adversary to evoke passion on the matter.

2.) Even though it appears this way, I don’t think Ordway was diminishing the value of Gresh and Zo’s opinion because of their roots (In fact, I don’t think Ordway implicated Zolak at all in his insinuation). Therefore, for the duo to claim provincial racism on the matter is puerile and a fallacy.

Maybe I am mis-reading Ordway’s comments, though.

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One comment for “Ordway Jabs at Gresh, Zolak Feels Served”

  1. Zolak’s a child. I don’t undersatnd why he’s not called on the carpet for his impersonation of a talk show host. Everyone seems to love Zo, and I havn’t a clue why. At least Greash realizes who, and what he is. Zolak can’t get past his own reflection in the mirror to realize.

    Posted by Mark | November 23, 2011, 10:13 pm

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